New Spatial Fellow

Greetings Smithies! I am the new post-bac fellow to your Spatial Analysis Lab (SAL) here at Smith College. My name is Victoria Beckley and I hail from Southern California where I completed my undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary GIS via Dallas, Texas where I did my upbringing. I spent the first part of the summer on […]

Smith College Favorite Places App

Now in the wild and accepting memories, the Smith College Favorite Places App.        Our intention is to explore how Smith Campus Space transforms to Place. No one denies the beauty of our campus, but we want to know what makes a Smith space special or a favorite.  As these spaces become invested with […]

Smith College Rail System

Geo-artist Elena Terhune ’14 created this awesome map of an imagined Smith College Subway System. Check it out, and read what she has to say about the process of creating it: “Especially in the colder winter weather, we have all idly wished for some way to travel quickly and warmly. Smith’s Spatial Analysis Lab heard you, […]

January Mystery Map Answer Released!

January Mystery Map: “Hear ye, hear ye!” What mystery variable is taking over the Smith College campus? The answer is: The mystery map shows the location of chalkings on the Smith College campus. Additionally, the color of each dot corresponds to the content of the chalking, which we classified into six categories: events on campus, inspirational […]

Using GIS to Investigate the Ecological Effects of Urban Sprawl

Smith students and faculty who are interested in Environmental Science and Policy, Geoscience, or Ecology should check out this week’s Sigma Xi talk on using GIS to investigate the ecological effects of urban sprawl! Cory Keeler, the Spatial Analysis Lab post-bac fellow, will be speaking about the role of spatial analysis in identifying areas where […]

Alternative Locations for Ford Hall and Future Campus Expansion

Shu Liu Geo150, spring 2007 Smith College’s Ford Hall is an approximately 140,000-square-foot building that will accommodate its expanding Picker Engineering Program, computer science, chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology departments. Named in honor of the Ford Motor Company Fund, the primary donor to the scheme, Ford Hall will be a sustainable, environmentally friendly and academically-inspiring […]

Implications of Proposed Employee Parking Cash Out Program at Smith

Melissa Kelley Geo150, spring 2007 My map displays the relationship between employee groups at Smith College (faculty, administration, administrative support, course support and service) and place of residence. In particular, my project explores the implications of the proposed employee parking cash out program, included in the new parking master plan released February 8, 2007, under […]

What does your policy look like?

Back in February 2007 I asked one of my student assistants to generate a new map for the mystery map series.  At that time I was very interested in visualizing administrative policies manifestation on the landscape.  All too often, policies are created and enacted without any insight as to how they will overlay on the […]

Springtime on Campus

What a great time of year. A time to relax, reflect, and smell the springtime flowers. Oh, and yes, there a plenty of opportunities to take in that pesticide residue smell… 🙁 Note: photos are geotagged. Download this Google Earth file (pesticides2009.kmz) so you can plan ahead, or around, if you like 😉 ——————————————————————————————————–

Intellectual Inquiry 2006

In the summer of 2006, the Spatial Analysis Lab participated in a pre-orientation program titled “Intellectual Inquiry” Files Google Earth File (kmz) showing painting and artist’s approximate location from the Northampton Dome. Google Earth File (kmz) showing 1831 Map of Northampton, published by Pendleton’s Lithography, Boston, MA