November Mystery Map

In celebration of Geo Week and GIS Day, we’re happy to announce another Mystery Map competition! Scott put together this map after paying a visit to the city clerk earlier this week. Click here for a higher resolution version of the map (in PDF format). (Read about October Mystery Map/Data answer)  

Fall 2015 Mystery Map Data Revealed!

Members of the Smith Community seem quite adept at interpreting LiDAR Point Cloud Cross Sections! Nearly eight (80) folks viewed the challenge and eight (8) submitted answers.  Of those, five were completely correct, and the remaining three missed one or two.  Surprisingly, the Cutter-Ziskind profile (C) was mistaken most often with answers of Mendenhal, and Sabin-Reed/McConnell. The […]

Mapathon for Afghanistan and Pakistan

PLEASE NOTE: The mapathon has been rescheduled to Thursday (11/19) from 6:30-9pm so that it does not conflict with a student-organized sit-in happening on Wednesday from 1pm-midnight. On Thu, 11/19, from 6:30-9pm, we’ll be hosting a mapathon to aid ongoing humanitarian relief efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan following a large earthquake that occurred on Oct […]

QGIS Workshop: Tues (10/27) and Thurs (10/29)

The Spatial Analysis Lab will be holding a two-part workshop on QGIS next week from 4-5pm on Tuesday, Oct 27 and Thursday, Oct 29. QGIS is a free, open-source alternative to ArcGIS. Q does not require any kind of license and is compatible with Macbooks, so it is a great tool for those who are just starting […]

GPS Workshop

We’re happy to announce the first workshop of the fall in the Spatial Analysis Lab’s workshop series! Join us in the SAL to learn about a technology which helps biologists track wildlife, helps archaeologists survey historical sites, and powers self-driving cars, among many other applications. The workshop will take place in two 1-hr sessions: Tues, Oct 20 […]

September Update

The days are getting colder, but things are sure starting to heat up in the SAL as the new school year unfolds! Here’s some of our most recent activity: 1. Class Support 2. Student Support 3. Faculty Support 4. Campus Connections 1. Class Support We helped Prof. Camille Washington-Ottombre introduce her class Environmental Integration I: Perspectives […]

New team in the SAL

A new year and some new faces in the Spatial Analysis Lab.  We have a great team to support a variety of classes and research projects. Spatial Fellow Our new post-bac Spatial Analysis Fellow, Scott Gilman from Middlebury College, started the last week of September.   Scott’s first day began with our Intro to GIS […]

May in Review

See what the Spatial Analysis Lab (SAL) has been up to in the great month of May: 1. Student Support 2. Faculty Support 3. Campus Connections 4. Outreach   1. Student Support Senior week workshops (5/12 – 5/15): In the week after finals and leading up to graduation, commonly called Senior Week, we hosted a series of informal […]

April Update

See what work the Spatial Analysis Lab (SAL) supported in the busy month of April 1. Class Support 2. Student Support 3. Campus Connections 4. Outreach   1. Class Support: Environmental Integration II: Collecting and Analyzing Information (ENV201/202): Final Presentations: One of the five student groups in 201/202 decided to focus their final project on looking at […]

Nepal Earthquake Response Workshop Well Attended in the Week Before Finals

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team has developed a project called MapGive, which allows volunteers to populate maps in parts of the world where mapping resources are limited. The idea originated following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti when mapping the island’s infrastructure through GPS surveying on foot proved too dangerous and not fast enough. As an alternative OpenStreetMap provided a […]