Cumulative Index for the Mammalian Species

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Order Monotremata
Order Didelphimorphia
Order Paucituberculata
Order Microbiotheria
Order Dasyuromorphia
Order Peramelemorphia
Order Notoryctemorphia
Order Diprotodontia
Order Cingulata
Order Pilosa
Order Afrosoricida
Order Erinaceomorpha
Order Soricomorpha
Order Chiroptera
Order Primates
Order Carnivora
Order Cetacea
Order Sirenia
Order Proboscidea
Order Perissodactyla
Order Hyracoidea
Order Tubulidentata
Order Artiodactyla
Order Pholidota
Order Rodentia

Suborder Sciurognathi

Suborder Castorimorpha

Suborder Myomorpha

Suborder Anomaluromorpha

Suborder Hystricognathi
Order Lagomorpha
Order Macroscelidea


Welcome to the Cumulative Index for the Mammalian Species.

Mammalian Species is published online regularly by the American Society of Mammalogists with new accounts issued each year. Each account summarizes the current understanding of the biology of a single species, including systematics, distribution, fossil history, genetics, anatomy, physiology, behavior, ecology, and conservation. The accounts vary from 2 to14 pages. The accounts are provided to members of the American Society of Mammalogists as a benefit of membership.

PDF files are available on this web site and include The Guide to Constructing and Understanding Synonymies in Mammalian Species (account 739).

Last update: Dasypus hybridus.

Complete list of accounts arranged by Order, Family and Genus. Browse from here or use the menu of links in the frame to the left to jump to selected Orders.

In the order they were published, the complete bibliography of the Mammalian Species accounts.

Links to PDFs given in the same order as the Bibliography but listed by common and species name.

American Society of Mammalogists, the parent of Mammalian Species. Information on authoring accounts is available here.

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