If you want me to write you a letter of reference, please follow the steps below:

  1. Email me to ask if I will write you a supportive letter. I will confirm or set up a time to chat more.
  2. Read Ask for a Recommendation. It’s geared towards grad school letters but has helpful information for all letters.
  3. [if applying to grad school] read How to Ask for a Recommendation.
  4. Please decide which programs you will apply to before you complete step #5. I will only write letters for the programs you specify the first time you submit the form. This means that I want you to know which programs you’ll apply to at least two weeks before your first deadline.
  5. At least two weeks before your first deadline, fill out this form. You will need to login with a gmail or Smith address. You will also need to attach your resume/CV and a draft of your application statement(s). These documents don’t need to be 100% complete or polished, but I do need to see what you’re writing so I can support it with examples in my letter.
  6. I cannot make any exceptions to this two week deadline if I have not previously written you a letter.
  7. At least a week before your first deadline, complete all requests for letters through the application portal so that I get a batch of email from the programs to submit your letters. I submit all letters at the same time, so if I don’t have all the links at this time, I cannot submit all your letters. This helps me make sure I don’t miss any letters and cause you undue stress!
  8. Please send me a reminder email two days before the deadline if I haven’t confirmed I sent it.
  9. Good luck!

I’m happy to write letters, but the process is time consuming. If you ask me to write a letter, I expect that you will apply.  If you won’t meet the deadline for your application, please let me know ASAP. And please let me know the outcome of your application! 

(Phrasing and process borrowed from Professors Audrey St. John (Mount Holyoke College) and Christine Alvarado (UC San Diego))