The MicroSmithie Group, May 2017

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Kristen L. Dorsey, PhD
Assistant Professor of Engineering
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Kristen Dorsey teaches courses in introductory engineering, circuit theory, MEMS, microelectronics, and semiconductor devices. She completed her postdoctoral research at UC Berkeley and UC San Diego in Al Pisano’s group and earned her PhD in Gary Fedder’s group in 2013. Her research focuses on the fabrication, modeling, and characterization of microscale and miniature soft tactile sensors. Her current work has applications to soft robotics, wearable devices, and flexible electronics. She has previously worked on the design of MEMS chemical and inertial sensors.

Undergraduate Students

Alysha da Silva (2018)

Special study: Anisotropic strain sensors

Dan Lin (2018)

Special study: Galinstan switch for curvature measurements

Elizabeth Boahen (2020)

Summer SURF, special study: Elastomer origami modeling

Meng Cao (2019)

Special study: Fabrication of EcoFlex-EGaIn strain sensors

Summer SURF: Flexible, wearable torsion sensors for detecting arm motion

Becky Shen (2019)

Summer SURF: A testbed for stretchable strain sensor characterization

Jody Huang (2020)

Special study

Yuhan Wen (2020)

Special study


Sara Kacmoli (2017)

Graduate research assistant, Princeton University

Special studies: Fundamentals of Microelectronics

Jiaao Lu (2017)

M.S. Student, University of Michigan

Special study: Testbed for strain sensors

Special study: Ice as a sacrificial layer for EcoFlex casting

Sara Lorić (2016)

Graduate research assistant, University of Copenhagen

Honors thesis extension: Metal oxide gas sensors




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