Are you are interested in a special studies, SURF position, honors thesis project, or other project? Great! Due to the amount of training involved in doing research in my lab, I can only accept students in at specific times. Generally, the timeline looks like this:

Fall semester: On your own, learn about what the MicroSmithy does and start to develop a project idea

1. Learn about the context of my research. Read the links below to get started.
Stretchable Microsystems
Soft Sensors
Professor Rob Wood’s soft sensors
Professor Sarah Bergbreiter’s active skin
A quick summary of my research

2. Fill out this form to tell me about yourself and your project idea. The form requires your Smith login.

3. Send me an email so we can schedule a time to talk about your project.

Spring semester: 2 credit S/U special studies with training and reading

4. Read through the document below, adapted from Dr. Meghan Duffy, for guidance about working in the lab. Important Information for Ugrad Researchers

5. Complete your Research learning contract.

6. Set up a meeting with me to discuss any training, the shape of your project, etc.

7. Fill out Smith forms related to the project (special studies form, honors thesis declaration, SURF application), and email them to me.

8. Download Zotero to keep track of papers you read

9. Make a digital lab notebook on the Microsmithy folder or ask Kristen for a physical lab notebook

10. Take training as discussed in 2nd meeting.

Summer: Hands-on summer research position (SURF or otherwise)

Following semesters: 2-4 credit special studies, thesis project, or paid position

Research resources for Microsmithy Members

Lab notebooks
Reading primary literature
How to read and understand a scientific paper