The MicroSMITHie is a research group at Smith College - PI: Kristen Dorsey

The MicroSMITHie is Dr. Kristen Dorsey’s research lab in the Picker Engineering Program at Smith College in Northampton, MA. Smith College is the first women’s college in the US to host an ABET-accredited engineering program.

The MicroSmithie has two missions:

  1. Train undergraduate Smith students to undertake self-directed research projects
  2. Design, characterize, and model miniature and micro-scale devices

Our research interests are MEMS, micro- and miniature-scale chemical sensors, and stretchable and wearable sensors


  • Meng and Becky will attend the 2017 MIT IEEE Undergraduate research conference
  • Kristen was the guest on the Embedded.FM podcast episode 214, “Tiny Sensor Problems
  • Our conference paper “Mechanical Isolation Structures for Soft Elastomer Components” will appear at IEEE Sensors conference in Nov 2017 in Glasgow.
  • Kristen will be attending the Robotics Science and Systems Material Robotics workshop.
  • Dan attended the MIT IEEE Undergraduate research conference to present her paper in November 2016. Congrats, Dan!
  • Kristen will be attending the 2016 annual NSBE Convention in Boston, MA. Hope to see you there!

Updated 5 Nov 2017