A few recent publications reflecting my lab’s interest in neurobiology of fatigue:

Harrington ME (2012) Neurobiological studies of fatigue. Prog. Neurobiol. 99: 93-105.

Bonsall DR and Harrington ME (2013) Circadian rhythm disruption in chronic fatigue syndrome, Advances in Neuroimmune Biology, 4 (2013) 265-274. DOI 10.3233/NIB-130074.

Bonsall DR and Harrington ME (2015) Circadian regulation of arousal and its role in fatigue,  Circadian Medicine, C. Colwell (Ed), Wiley-Blackwell.

Our interest in circadian rhythms has led to new publications on effects of exercise in aging, and studies on coupling among cells in the liver:

Leise TL, Harrington ME, Molyneux PC, Song I, Queenan H, Zimmerman E, Lall GS, Biello SM (2013) Voluntary exercise can strengthen the circadian system in aged mice. Age, 35: 2137-2152.

Guenthner CJ, Luitje ME, Pyle LA, Molyneux PC, Yu JK, Li AS, Leise TL, Harrington ME (2014) Circadian rhythms of Per2::Luc in individual primary mouse hepatocytes and cultures, PLoS One, 9: e87573. Doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0087573.

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