All wet-lab or labs containing hazardous equipment or materials are restricted spaces. Restricted spaces also include the spaces listed below. If a name is listed, any access privileges requested and granted may only be used after approval from the person listed.

Ford Hall
024A Human Tissue Lab – Susan Voss
026 Science Stock Room – Margaret Rakas
026A Chemical Library – Chair of Chemistry
031 Prokaryotic Cell Culture Lab – Christine White-Ziegler
031A Prokaryotic Cell Culture Lab – Christine White-Ziegler
032 Plant Growth Chamber – Carolyn Wetzel
036 500 MHZ NMR room – Kevin Shea
121A Fluorescence Microscopy – Stan Scordilis
123 CMBS Instrumentation Room – Steve Williams, Louie Bierwert or Chris White-Ziegler
130 Tissue Culture – Sue Haynes
140 Loading Dock – Margaret Rakas
141 Hazadous Material Storage – Margaret Rakas
145 Design Clinic – Teaching Lab – Susannah Howe
222 Center for Proteomics Instrumentation – Stan Scordilis or Kalina Dimova
225 Radioisotope Lab – Radiation Safety Officer (Margaret Rakas)
237 CFP darkroom – Stan Scordilis
238 CFP ultracentrifuge room – Stan Scordilis

Sabin-Reed and Burton 
ACF – Karen Swiecanski