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This page is maintained by Dominique Thiebaut and contains various interesting visualization examples or related material found in the media and on the Web, in various forms. The authors of the visualization, or its source is indicated in the Author/Source field of each entry. I try to locate the actual authors as best as I can. I also try to find out what particular software tools were used to generate the visualization. This is reported in the implementation field.

The different visualization systems shown below are organized by application domains, and by type (borrowed and adapted from Viz4All).

The application domains include:

Visu Prod.png

Product Search / Shopping

Zoho Top Album of 2010


Category: Product Search/Music
Author/Source: PHODGESZOHO, at
Implementation: Flash/Flex
Date: Jan 2011

From : My obsession with End of Year Best Album Charts continues!

I have adapted the NME’s Top Albums 1974 to 2010 interactive I did previously so that it now works with lots of different charts (listed below) to provide not only a break down of music genres for each chart but it also aggregates the results and gives you the End of Year Top Albums of 2010 chart: [...]

Hipmunk: Airline Ticket Reservation System


Category: Shopping
Author/Source: Steve Huffman and Adam Goldstein,
Implementation: NA
Date: 2010

From At Hipmunk, we make your experience a lot better. We're building better interfaces for searching, browsing, and filtering your flight search results.

A good example of a new effective interface for visualizing something that was essentially text based before. Many different parameters are displayed, including the number of legs of a trip, the wait between different legs, the start and end time, the price, and the option of sorting the results according to various criteria including agony, price, number of stops, departure time, arrival time, and duration.

How Much do Music Artists Earn?


Category: Product Search/Shopping
Implementation: 2-D Graph
Date: 2010

From "David McCandless, author of the book Information Is Beautiful. rolled up his sleeves, researched the available data and created this beautiful infographic that shows how hard life is these days for most music artists (unless they’re Lady Gaga).

McCandless warns himself that the data was very hard to research, and that it may not be 100% accurate. He also warns that “these figures do not include publishing royalties (paid to composers of songs).”.

The full picture can be seen here

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