Tutorial Moodle VPL Rock-Paper-Scissors -- Python

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--D. Thiebaut (talk) 08:50, 11 June 2014 (EDT)


Moodle VPL Tutorials

This tutorial builds on the first one in the series, which should be done first, as the present tutorial skips some steps. In this tutorial we setup a VPL activity that will allow students to submit Python programs that play the game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.


  • Moodle Version 2.7 + (Build: 20140529)
  • VPL Version 3.0.1
  • For details on how Moodle and VPL were installed, go to this page.

VPL Activity

Here are the main settings for the new VPL activity:



Tips & Tricks

To generate the vpl_evaluate.cases file, I found that running the program first and capturing its output, and then using this text to generate the input and output sections of the vpl_evaluate.cases file is quick and simple.


  • In the Administration box, click on Test activity, then Edit, and enter the solution program below:

computer = 0
user = 0
while abs( computer - user ) < 3:
  play = input( "> " ).upper().strip()
  if len( play ) != 2:
  cPick = play[0]
  uPick = play[1]
  if uPick == cPick:
     print( "Tie" )
  pair = cPick + uPick
  if pair in [ "PR", "SP", "RS" ]:
     computer += 1
     print( "Player 1 wins" )
     user += 1
     print( "Player 2 wins" )
if computer > user:
     print( "winner: Player 1 (%d to %d)" % ( computer, user ) )
     print( "winner: Player 2 (%d to %d)" % ( user, computer ) )

  • Save, and Evaluate
  • Verify that the program runs and passes the two tests.


This concludes this tutorial