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Schedule, Spring 2018   [also:]

UPDATED: January 23, 2018

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2018 DATES

TOPICS AND ASSIGNMENTS                                                           EXPAND SCHEDULE

Jan 25-30
and Feb 1

Neurons convey information: sensory receptors for touch.
Visualizing brains and neurons.
Collaborative Writing Project Chapter 1 ends here. DUE: Feb 8.

Feb 6-8

Ions, pumps, and membrane potentials.
Membrane channels for Na+ and K+ ions.
Voltage clamping.

Feb 13-15

Voltage clamping (continued)
Calculating conductance for each ion.
Reconstructing the action potential.
Patch clamping.
Collaborative Writing Project Chapter 2 ends here. DUE: Feb 20.

Propagation of the action potential.
Collaborative Writing Project Chapter 3 (covering only one class) ends here. DUE: Feb 23.

Feb 20-22

Generator channels. Other voltage-dependent channels.
Molecular structure of voltage-dependent channels.
Collaborative Writing Project Chapter 4 ends here. DUE: Mar 6, but you may wish to complete at least a rough draft prior to the exam on Mar 1.

Feb 27
-Mar 1


Feb 27: No class. Online lessons hosted on our Moodle site on Electrical synapses and Structure of the neuromuscular junction. Please view these before the Mar 6 class.

Mar 1, in class: EXAM on membrane potentials (topics through Feb 22 classes and readings).

Mar 6-8

Presynaptic release of vesicles.
Postsynaptic receptors for acetylcholine.
Collaborative Writing Project Chapter 5 ends here. DUE: Mar 22.

Mar 10-18

Spring break

Mar 20-22

Neuron-to-neuron synapses: spinal motoneurons.
Transmitters activating second messengers (metabotropic receptors).
Collaborative Writing Project Chapter 6 ends here. DUE: Mar 29.

Mar 27-29

Levels of control
Feedback from spindles and Golgi tendon organs.
Central control of posture and locomotion
Collaborative Writing Project Chapter 7 ends here. DUE: Apr 5.

Apr 3-5

Structure of eyes and retinas, covered by two online lessons hosted on our Moodle site. Please view these lessons before our Apr 3 class.
Visual pigments, responses of photoreceptors to light.
Synaptic network in the retina.
Retinal ganglion cells.
Collaborative Writing Project Chapter 8 ends here. DUE: Apr 17.

Apr 10-12

Visual pathway: lateral geniculate nucleus and visual cortex.
Simple, complex and "hypercomplex" cells in striate cortex.
Binocular (stereo) vision. Spatial frequency selectivity.

Apr 17-19

Cortical anatomy:
Collaborative Writing Project Chapter 9 ends here. DUE: Apr 26.

Extrastriate cortex: Pathways for motion and form.

Apr 24-26

Inferotemporal cortex. Objects and faces.
Top-down and bottom-up components of visual perception.
Collaborative Writing Project Chapter 10 ends here. DUE: May 3, but you may wish to complete a rough draft prior to the final exam on May 3.

May 1

Color vision.
(TBA) Cumulative review session. Bring questions!

May 3

Final exam, in class.

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