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8-week Systems Neuroscience summer school in Budapest

Let me introduce to you the 8-week Systems Neuroscience summer school for undergraduates held every summer in Budapest, Hungary.   The emphasis of this program is on the application of techniques from systems biology and computational neuroscience to understand the functions of the brain.  These are important topics that rarely are discussed together in a format that is made accessible to both undergraduate and possibly first year graduate students with an interest in data-driven, quantitative analysis of a complex biological system. 


I would appreciate it if you would make your students aware of this program.  I have attached a flyer for posting and an outline of the 8-week program (Course_outline_SysNeuro.pdf).  The website link is


I had the opportunity to present some lectures during the summer, 2017 program.  Here are my observations. 

  • This program is intended for students who have an interest in and curiosity about understanding how the brain works.  This includes neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience as well as motivated students with backgrounds in computer science (e.g. neural networks, large data), bio-mathematics (neural and network models) and systems biology (genomics and proteomics).  
  • This course is taught in a self-contained manner so that quantitatively trained students have the opportunity to learn basic neuroscience whereas neuroscience trained students can learn about modeling and computer based analysis. 
  • An adequate background for this program would be Calculus II (with an introduction to ordinary differential equations), a computer programming course (Matlab or Python) and an introductory molecular biology course.  A more important consideration is that prospective students should have an open attitude towards mathematical notation and abstract thinking.
  • Depending on the expertise of the class participants, students have the opportunity to participate in group projects.
  • In the Neuroscience major at The Claremont Colleges we count successful completion of the summer school as two courses in the computational neuroscience sequence (see attached).  Please check the SysNeuro website for evaluation details to see how the grading would be adapted for your college or university.  In brief, this fall Semmelweiss University agreed to be the official registrar for SysNeuro and will award 18 ECTS points for students who complete the course.  At the Claremont Colleges 18 ECTS would count for 2 course credits: in our major (Neuroscience_major_Claremont.pdf) we count SysNeuro as two courses in the Tier III sequence for students who are doing computational neuroscience.
  • This program may also be of interest to students in a computer science major interested in neural networks or computational methods.
  • A strength of this program is that all of the lecturers are computational and systems neuroscientists. Moreover all are fluent in English and exhibit the same passion for teaching most often seen in the setting of an American liberal arts college.
  • The course is presented at one of the campuses of Semmelweiss University in Budapest; in the same building where the famous pioneer of systems neuroscience, J. Szentagothai (The cerebellum as a neuronal machine, Neural organization: Structure, function and neural dynamics, The ‘modular concept’ in cerebral cortical architecture) had his laboratory.


Please let me know if you have any questions concerning this program.  You can contact me (909-607-0024; or Peter Erdi (269-337-5720;  For questions that arise concerning registration and accomodations that are not answered on the website, contact Laci Negyessey (



Thanking you in advance for your considerations.


Yours sincerely,



John Milton, MD, PhD

William R Kenan Jr Chair in Computational Neuroscience

Professor of Biology

Fellow, American Physical Society

Fellow, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada         



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