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Fellowships Program Assistant – Website Assistant Needed

Work Study Job Description: Fellowships Program Assistant – Website Assistant [Job ID 3785]

The Fellowships Program at Smith is looking for one or two dedicated and motivated individuals to be our student collaborators. We are looking for a total of 10 hours of assistance per week. This means that we seek either one individual who can work 8-10 hours per week or two individuals who can work 4-6 hours per week. We want individuals who are excellent communicators, adept at using technological tools, creative in problem solving, and attentive to detail. The job will involve helping to keep Fellowships Program records and informational material up-to-date, to update and rework the Fellowships websites ( and, to organize events and share information about fellowships, and to work with the Lazarus Center for Career Development peer advisors to answer students’ initial questions about the Fellowships Program.

The further details are on JobX and in the link here:

August 29th, 2017 · Tags: Jobs