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Virtual Panel with Engineers from Snapchat, Microsoft, and IBM

Virtual Panel with Engineers from Snapchat, Microsoft, and IBM

Aug 10

My name’s Julissa Toledo, I’m a rising Sophomore Computer Science major at the George Washington University.

I’m interning with a company called Uncubed this summer and hosting a virtual panel with engineers from Snapchat, Microsoft, and IBM as part of my internship called “So, I like tech… Now what?” on August 10th.

Panelists include Sumbul Alvi from Snapchat (formerly at IBM and Tumblr), Jasmine Greenaway from Microsoft (formerly at Rockstar Games and GitHub), and Reah Miyara from IBM (interned at NASA and Intuit).

We’ll cover what tech companies look for when hiring, how to land your dream job, and personal stories from their careers (struggles, successes, etc).

I’ve personally struggled in figuring out what areas of computer science I should focus on, where I want to work, what I’ll do after I graduate, and how to stand out from thousands of CS students.

In case any of the students at your university struggle with this too (or even if they just want to hear from engineers at Snapchat and Microsoft), would you mind sharing this virtual panel with them, whether through your listserv, email, or word of mouth?

Anyone interested can register here:

Thank you!

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