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Lunch talk, Cache Memory, 7/25, FH241

Computer Science lunch talk, 12:00 p.m., 7/25/17, Ford Hall 241

Caching in computer systems

Arman Pouraghily

ECE, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


According to moore’s law, CPU performance and memory capacity doubles every 18 months. Unlike capacity, the latency of memory does not improve at the same pace which has resulted in a performance gap between CPUs and memory.
This gap has grown wider and wider over past four decades and has become a major challenge in improving overall system performance. One successful approach to mitigating this performance gap was the introduction of memory hierarchy and caching which is the subject of this talk. We begin this presentation by reviewing the general idea of caching in computer systems. After familiarizing ourselves with caching, we discuss different popular cache structures and caching policies used in modern CPUs. Finally, the challenges that computer architects are facing in designing state of the art processor will be briefly described to conclude the talk.

July 21st, 2017 · Tags: CS Lunch, Talk