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List of Resources for CS Students & Minorities

Here is a list of resources for CS majors that might be of interest.  It was sent to use by Michael Hoffman, the author of the article.

A quote from the article:

This guide is meant to act as both an introduction to the issues surrounding minority student interest in computer science, as well as a resource for those individuals considering a career in the computer science field. Included are:

  • An explanation of the problem and some of the reasons for minority disinterest.
  • A sampling of pre-college opportunities for prospective computer science students.
  • A look at the problem of program retention and some of the ways colleges are battling it.
  • A list of scholarship programs geared toward minority students specifically interested in computer science and other STEM-related subjects.
  • Some useful observations and tips from education professionals and experts.

January 24th, 2017 · Tags: Articles