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Software Contest by erPortal


eRPortal Software, Inc. provides high performance, web-enabled, Enterprise Asset Management, Maintenance Management, and Materials Tracking software solutions for managing an organization’s strategic assets and streamlining their operations.  


Our software tracks the health of machinery & equipment, the location, the attributes, how to fix the machine, when to inspect it, when to maintain it, and when to replace it.     We also track an array of materials that organizations need to keep track of.  Spare parts, safety supplies, tools, machine parts, and chemicals, and hazardous materials, even waste.


Typically our customers are maintenance technicians, machine operators, stockroom attendants, but also directors of plants, engineering managers, purchasing agents, and higher ed EHS officers.  Our customers are all over the world.


Now, our company is now creating a new version of this software and we are looking for help in designing our next generation user interface.   What will the software look like to folks entering data?  Or to folks looking to report or do analysis on history of data?  


The project will be to view our old software, learn about our industry, our competitors, but mostly to listen to what our new product’s value proposition is and will be,  and then design  screen layouts , data entry design styles, and user dashboards that we can use to set our products apart and above our competitors in the industry.


October 14th, 2016 · Tags: Competitions