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Registration open for Grace Hopper Celebration

Celebrate with the Anita Borg Institute and 5000+ women in computing at the 2014 Grace Hopper Celebration in Phoenix, AZ October 8th – 10th. Connect with the 400+ academic institutions and 350+ companies that will be at GHC, be inspired by the keynote speakers and guide the next steps in your career.
Register today to take advantage of the Super Early Bird Rate. The Super Early Bird registration rate expires June 20th.

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Amherst Security Meetup (AmSec)

All those interested in computer security are invited to join us in Amherst for AmSec, the Amherst Security Meetup. Modeled after the CitySec [1] meeti-ups, the idea is for those into computer/network/app/embedded/hardware security, privacy, et cetera, to meet in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss this common subject of interest. As a side goal, we are [ >> more ]

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CS Department Clothing Design Contest Deadline

Hi CS Students,
Today (April 11th) is the deadline for sweatpants design submissions. Please send your designs via email to the liaisons by midnight tonight. Whoever has the best sweatpants design will have their design on all pairs of sweatpants, and get their own pair free. Sweatpants designs can be in the form of images/text on the front and/or side of the pants.
Good luck with your designs!
Emily, Gavi, and Julia
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CS Sweatpants

Hi CS students,
We would like to invite you to participate in a contest to design CS sweatpants. Whoever has the best sweatpants design will have their design on all pairs of sweatpants, and get their own pair free. Sweatpants designs can be in the form of images/text on the front and/or side of the pants. [ >> more ]

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Talk: “Re-rendering Motion,” March 3, Noon, Neilson Browsing Room

William T. Freeman, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will speak on “Re-rendering Motion” on Monday, March 3, at noon in Neilson Browsing Room as part of the Kahn Liberal Arts Institute long-term project “Regarding Images.” Freeman will address a variety of uses of motion re-rendering, including visualizing scientific results, recording actions and artistic effect. He [ >> more ]

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Internship Opportunity in Easthampton, MA.

Internship Opportunity in Easthampton, MA.
I am a Smith Alum with a small web design and development agency located in the Paragon Arts and Industry Building in Easthampton, MA. I’m hiring part/full time front-end developers, and accepting Spring, Summer, and Fall 2014 interns for both graphic design and front-end web development. The jobs are posted on [ >> more ]

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App-Designer Needed

Smith professor Jill de VIlliers is looking for somebody interested in designing a mobile app for her: “[My application] is something like a graphically arrangeable database, I have an image of how to do it- almost- in Filemaker but I think an app would be better”
If you are interested and think you have the skills to build such an app, please contact Prof. Jill de Villiers directly.

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10/16/13 Lunch Talk: Prof. Ron Klausewitz,

Please come and join us for a presentation by Prof. Ron Klausewitz on 10/16/13 at 12:10 p.m. in FH 241.
Ron Klausewitz is a candidate for teaching CSC220, Advanced Programming Techniques, next semester.   His talk will present a possible syllabus for the class, and a presentation of one of the topics he is planning for [ >> more ]

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Matlab for everyone

Advanced notification: very soon the college will make Matlab available to all students.    The details are not fully established yet, but if you use Matlab and were considering purchasing it for yourself, you should be able to obtain a copy from the Computer Store soon.   Stay tuned!

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Opportunity for an Independent Study

This is a proposal for an Independent Study to all returning CS majors (this is a repeat of a post from a couple months ago).
My name is Polly Ryan-Lane and I am staff at the Botanic Garden. One of my responsibilities here is to publish images I take of the plant collection to our [ >> more ]

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