Please fill out the appropriate sample submission form before bringing your sample for analysis:

Protein submission form

Small molecule submission form 

These are general protocols that are applicable for LC/MS. They may not be necessarily appropriate for your samples, please contact the center if you are unsure and we will work with you to develop the appropriate protocol and experimental design.



Solvent Requirements for Direct Injection into the Mass Spectrometer (no LC)

Sample Preparation Guide for Protein and Peptides, Modified from the University of New Mexico Mass Spec Facility

Procedures to minimise Keratin Contamination, Modified from Tufts Core Facility

Protocol for Protein Identification/ Sequencing using Mass Spectrometer

Gel Staining/Destaining,  Tufts University Core Facility

Trypsin in-gel digestion Protocol, University of Ottawa Institute of System Biology

Silver Staining protocol, compatible with Mass Spectrometry. Can also be modified for use with coomasie blue staining. Lamond Lab. You can also use a kit such as the Invitrogen Silverquest stain kit. Silver stained gel spots or bands have to be totally destained as the silver has been reported to inhibit trypsin digestion of proteins.