Dr Alison E. Ashcroft, University of Leeds, An Introduction to Mass Spectrometry

The University of New Mexico.  Many good mass spectrometry mini tutorials: Nominal mass determinations, Exact mass (150-1000 Da), High mass accuracy of peptides, ESI of oligonucleotides, ESI of proteins, Multiply charged ions, ESI data on the QTof.

Mass Spectrometry Vanderbilt University, Mass Spectrometry Research Center.


Internet based – mass spectrometry tools

Protein Prospector

Electrospray Deconvolution

SIS  On-Line MS Web Tools

Delta Mass, a database of post-translational modifications

Oligo Calculators  


Journals – mass spectrometry

The American Society of Mass Spectrometry

Journal of Mass Spectrometry

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry