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Anne Leopold '07
For her Collaborations presentation, Anne explored perfectionism in international students as well as in first generation college students. Specifically, she examined the relationship of perfectionism subscales to individualism and collectivism measures.
Jennifer Little '10
Jennifer examined the relationship of perfectionism to stigma consciousness (a concept akin to stereotype threat) in women of color.
Maria Rendon '08J
This past year I was interested in looking at cultural factors in perfectionism. Specifically, I wanted to see if perfectionism is differently expressed across ethnic minorities within the U.S.
Some ethnic differences were apparent in a survey study we conducted in Spring '07. In the Fall, I hope to continue this study through a large-scale survey looking at perfectionism in Latinas in other colleges too.
Lisa Salstein '09
I explored perfectionism in Smith dancers, looking at those who currently dance and those who have danced since childhood.
Aimee Sunshine-Hill 08
During the past year, I examined perfectionism in transfer students and Ada Comstock scholars. I found that transfer students have higher standards for themselves and higher GPAs than non-transfer students, yet their parents have lower expectations for them. In the Summer and Fall, I will be a research assistant at the Center for the Understanding and Treatment of Anxiety at San Diego State University. I will return to Smith in the Spring to complete my studies and to continue research with Patty.

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