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"Research is a great way of developing and learning new skills. It is an opportunity to acquire experiences that would not be possible to gain any other way. For example, participating in research allows you to learn about topics in a more complex and practical manner, which cannot be obtained simply from reading a book. These forms of experiences can come from working independently or from being part of a collaboration.

"Being involved in research also allows you to develop professional relationships, and is a great way of obtaining mentoring. Your role is simply to acquire the most you can from your research opportunities. Working with faculty on their research not only benefits them, but also serves you well in developing your own research interests. It allows you to see what you are most interested in and how you can further develop these interests. Understanding how to successfully conduct research here at Smith is a valuable and rewarding experience."
- Psychology Department website

Dr. DiBartolo's Lab

The research conducted in the lab falls within the fields of clinical psychology and child clinical psychology, spanning a variety of topics, from perfectionism and anxiety disorders to health and exercising. Explore the website to learn more about past and current research projects.

Students who have participated in the lab in the past years also want to let you know how research experience with Dr. DiBartolo has helped them achieve their career goals! Look them up in the Alumnae page and the Current Students page.

Lab members 2004-2005 - Click here for more pictures!

Patricia DiBartolo


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