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Neuroscience majors: Recommended places for you to consider for a Neuroscience junior year study abroad experience


Start with the Study Abroad Guide posted on the Smith College Study Abroad Website. Below I highlight particular programs that will allow continued study of your major while you are abroad. You should note that many students who study abroad for just one semester can complete their Neuroscience major at Smith without taking any science courses while they are abroad. If you are looking for a program that builds your fluency in a language and will be one semester only, the Smith College Study Abroad Office can help you select an appropriate program. If you are instead looking for an international internship during summer or J-term, check with the Study Abroad office about grants for international internships.

If you are planning to study abroad during both semesters of your junior year, I encourage you to select a program that offers science courses or internships in science laboratories. Here are some suggestions, but there are also other possibilities:

If you speak French:


The Smith College Program in Paris offers great internship opportunities - talk to Rob Dorit, the Director of this program for the academic year 2009-2010.

Also you should consider Universite de Montreal ....Courses offered: Neuropsychologie humaine PSY3032 , Psychopharmacologie : introduction PSY 3035 , Neuropsychologie sensorielle PSY 3033 , Principes de l'expérimentation animale PHL6025 , Système nerveux SBM 2001 , Neurophysiologie PSL 3062...Research laboratories to contact for possible internships: Chronobiology Laboratory (Sacré-Cœur Hospital)

If you speak German:


Consider a summer intership through the RISE program - this program can pair you with a graduate student conducting research in neuroscience. Note that the working language for this program is English.

The Smith Program In Hamburg allows one course in English, and many science courses are available. If you have only 1 year of study in German, you can take more courses in English.

A new summer program might be of interest - again the language of the program is English: College of Charleston-sponsored Neuroscience Seminar in Germany.


If you speak Spanish:


The PRESHCO program in Cordoba Spain should be a top consideration.

Consider Chile. You might want to read about Theanne Griffith who is currently in graduate school at Northwestern - she also conducted post-grad research in Chile.

or look at Universidad de Buenos Aires (I suggest enrolling through the Butler University Institute for Study Abroad)

Courses offered: Fisiologia del Sistema Nervioso, Fisiologia del Comportamiento Animal , and others

Research laboratories of note: Laboratorio de Neurobiologia de la Memoria , Grupo de Estudio de Insectos Sociales , Laboratorio de Chronobiologia


Want to study in English?


Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen has wonderful programs of special interest to both pre-med students and a unique program for students interested in exploring opportunities in biotech and global business.

University College London has many courses. see their prospectus. Another good choice would be King's College London.

Neuroscience research is also prominent at University of Bristol -and University of Manchester (check out the Biological Timing Group there!) and Cardiff University.

University of Cambridge has many courses as well. Check out all the talks and seminars going on outside of class! Check out the program through New Hall - Smith students are targeted! Warning - GPA of 3.7 overall is a requirement.

University of Edinburgh is a good option. Check here for research and here for courses.

Or how about BUDAPEST?! See this one semester program in Cognitive Sciences, taught in English. Budapest semester

The Smith Program in Germany has an option of taking courses in English - see here.


Want to conduct research? or just go abroad for the summer?


Try for a slot in the EURO Scholars program.


Several summer programs are to be recommended. Look at the UCONN prorgam in Salamanca Spain, the German RISE program, the MHIRT program in Brasil and Uganda, the Neuroscience Seminar in Germany. A summer program that will teach you about traditional Chinese medicine and involves alot of hands-on learning is the program sponsored by SIT in China.


Consult with the Neuroscience Study Abroad Adviser (Mary Harrington; office hours Thurs 3-5pm) and with your major adviser as your plans develop.

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