Department of Psychology

Associate Professor


Research Interests

  • Adult development in social context, with a focus on young adult identity and midlife generativity
  • Personality and political psychology, with a focus on authoritarianism
  • Psychobiography and the study of lives

Sample Publications

1) Peterson, B. E. & Duncan, L. E. (2007). Midlife women's generativity and authoritarianism: Marriage, motherhood, and 10 years of aging. Psychology and Aging, 22, 411 - 419.

2) Peterson, B. E. (2006). Generativity and successful parenting: An analysis of young adult outcomes. Journal of Personality, 74, 847 - 869.

3) Cheung, F. & Peterson, B. E. (2006). Psychology and Asian American literature: Application of the life-story model of identity to No-No Boy. CR: The New Centennial Review, 6, 191 - 214.

4) Peterson, B. E. & Gerstein, E. (2005). Fighting and flying: Archival analysis of threat, authoritarianism and the North American comic book. Political Psychology, 26, 887 - 904.

Bill Peterson