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Kevin Shea

Professor of Chemistry
Smith College

Office: Ford Hall 312
Phone: (413)-585-4687
Fax: (413)-585-3786
Email: kshea(at)


Ph. D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Organic Chemistry,  2000
Thesis: Studies on Polycyclic Unsaturated Compounds: 1. Synthesis and Properties of Cyclopenta[a]phenalenes 2. Synthesis of Substituted Azulenes. Advisor: Rick L. Danheiser

B.S. Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Chemistry, 1995


Smith College, 2000-2007, Assistant Professor
Smith College, 2007-2013, Associate Professor
Smith College Sherrerd Center for Teaching and Learning, 2010-present, Director
Smith College, 2013-present, Professor


CHM 108: Environmental Chemistry
CHM 111: Chemistry I: General Chemistry  
CHM 222: Chemistry II: Organic Chemistry I
CHM 223: Chemistry III: Organic Chemistry II 
CHM 226: Synthesis and Structural Analysis
CHM 321: Organic Synthesis
CHM 326: Synthesis and Structural Analysis


Organic Chemistry - I use organic synthesis to investigate new methods for carboncarbon bond formation and to develop syntheses of biologically active molecules. Completed research focused on the application of tandem Nicholas and PausonKhand reactions for the synthesis of tricyclic heterocycles. Ongoing research involves expanding the use of cobalt-alkyne complexes in organic synthesis. One project is focused on production of dienes containing cobalt-alkyne complexes and evaluation of these materials in Diels-Alder reactions. Our ultimate goal is to develop a tandem Diels-Alder/Pauson-Khand protocol for the production of tetracyclic compounds. Another project aims to develop novel cationic DielsAlder dienophiles stabilized by cobalt-alkyne complexes. A third project involves production of cyclic alkynes for use in click chemistry applications. Our two newest projects involve collaborations with Adam Hall's neuroscience laboratory and Steve Williams’s molecular biology laboratory. Our work with the Hall lab is focused on the synthesis and biological evaluation of novel anesthetic compounds, while our investigations with Williams lab are aimed at identifying new molecules to combat lymphatic filariasis. 


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