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Elizabeth Jamieson

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Smith College

Office: Ford Hall 205A
Phone: (413)-585-7588
Fax: (413)-585-3786
Email: ejamieso(at)


Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Inorganic Chemistry
Advisor, Steve Lippard

B.A., Smith College, Chemistry


Smith College, 2001-present
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Boston University
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2000-2001
Advisor, Tom Tullius


CHM 111: Introduction to Chemistry I
CHM 118: Advanced General Chemistry
CHM 224: General Chemistry, IV
CHM 363: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHM 369: Bioinorganic Chemistry
BCH 252: Biochemistry I
BCH 352: Biochemistry II


Bioinorganic chemistry. My lab is interested in examining how complexes of the transition metal chromium damage DNA. We use differential scanning calorimetry to see how lesions formed by chromium alter the thermodynamic stability of the DNA helix. We are also interested in investigating the structure of some of these lesions using NMR spectroscopy and in seeing how they affect the structure of nucleosomes. 


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