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Mailing address:


Marine Biological Laboratory,
Woods Hole 

Bay Paul Center
7 MBL Street, Woods Hole, MAS 02543

Research Interests:  


Paddy has a long track record in studying the taxonomy and classification of protozoa. He is now developing systems that allow taxonomy to underpin internet services for biology. He is developing the micro*scope web site ( as a vehicle for data emerging from the EU-Tree project. Is a member of the International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature and involved in the International Census of Marine Microbes.
Representative Publications:


Patterson, D. J. 1999. The diversity of eukaryotes. American Naturalist 154 : S96-124.

Lee, W.J., Brandt, S.M., Vørs, N. & Patterson, D.J. 2003. Darwin 's heterotrophic flagellates. Ophelia 57: 63-98.

Patterson, D. J. 2003. Progressing towards a biological names register. Nature , 422: 661.

Lee, W. J. & Patterson, D.J. 1998. Diversity and geographic distribution of free-living heterotrophic flagellates - analysis by PRIMER. Protist , 149 : 229-243.

Patterson, D. J. 1996. Free-living Freshwater Protozoa, Manson; Wiley and University of New South Wales Presses.