Week 5 - SolidWorks

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Kaitlin and Becca's Documentation

This week we worked on trying to mirror and modify the Celtic knot as well as the small circles.

The goal this week with the Celtic knots was to mirror and rotate them to make the 3 copies. To mirror them, we had to add a line to mirror over and then delete the line once we were done with it. As we were mirroring the knot, we found that if you left click on picture, a menu pops up with rotate on it. The plane you are working on can be rotated, as well as the picture in the background.

To mirror the knot, we had to first make a copy of the knot and then rotate the copied knot. Otherwise, the original is rotated and no copy is made. There will be more work on this because this method won't work very well for the small circles. Rotated.jpg

We also discovered that the pairs of knots that are on top of each other do not match and so cannot be simply mirrored.

All of the knots have been rotated exactly 120 degrees, so they don't match up to the drawing exactly.

Something useful we found is that after making something 3D, you can continue to modify by clicking the drop down part of the undo button and choosing base. This will allow you to go back to the sketch version and continue modifying the model.

We have found that the circles can be made through extrusions with subtractions. The only problem is that we cannot put the picture behind the circle once we have made it. We are going to have to work on the circles last and have the other major parts assembled and placed before we can work with it. Here is what the circle looks like though:

I also continued working on the phoenix and as of right now here is how it is looking.

The wing section is now done and can be extruded along with the head, neck, and body. I am still running into issues where the parts curve away from the body section however. I'm not sure how I want to proceed as of yet. Also I attempted to mirror the phoenix just for fun and found that it is slightly off from the image: (note solidworks froze when mirroring)
Phoenix mirror.png