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Nikki Maller's pages needed to be sorted out into explicit categories and "condensed" so that any extraneous pages would fit into our website structure, and so that the navigation on our newer page would not have as many extraneous pages that didn't really fit in. Once this was done, all the pages were put up onto the web. All the links should be working except "Preparing a Model in SolidWorks," since we don't have much documentation on that yet. Here is a link to the almost-completed website!


This week the update sections were filled for the first week of the project for SolidWorks and the Website/Wiki page. Included in the reports are the team's progress and anything they discovered about the programs they are using. Included in the updates for SolidWorks are links to images of the various models the teams make during the week.

The Blender page has not been updated yet due to lack of information. It will be updated as soon as possible!

Links to useful websites were also added to the Wiki page for Blender, SolidWorks and editing Wiki pages. More links will be added as the project continues and people find more helpful sites.