Week 2 - SolidWorks

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Kaitlin and Ruby's Documentation

Solid Works Week 2

Our goals this week are as follows:

1. Find out if we can get a background image in the graphics area
2. Find out if SW has a command history or recent history of actions
3. Revise the "I" from last week and get it to look more like the model
4. Try to make the Roman "V" and "X"
5. Export .stl file for last weeks model

So far we have found that a history can be found by right clicking while the mouse is in the graphics area and choosing "command history" from the menu.

Another thing we are starting to find is that once an object has been extruded and made into 3-d we can't edit the sketch or add new objects. This could prove troublesome if we have to resketch the objects each week. We need to look into "Assembly" and see if there is a way that the parts can be added all together at some point

We found that Adobe Photoshop files can be imported in and it appears that we should be able to sketch over them. YAY! We were looking for a way to possibly import the sundial image and see if Solid Works would be able to etch that image on a cube face...no luck more research needed for now.

The file from last week and this week have been saved into .stl format.

I attempted to draw over the imported Adobe Photoshop file and found that it was much easier to get the dimensions correct. Sketching was fairly straightforward using straight lines and arcs to create the "VI". Here's what the sketch looked like:VI.png

The first time I tried to extrude the figure into 3-D I ran into a slight problem... Problem.png

While researching to find how to insert the picture in the background I found a feature called "Repair Sketch" which was able to find the error preventing me from extruding the sketch into 3-D. What I could understand was that Solid Works was not happy that I had three different lines meeting at the same point. To get around this I drew another line just next to the lines already there. This made the "I" solid and closed but it is not connected to the "V". However the difference is so small it is hard to tell once the figure is rendered into 3-D:3D.png