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Angela, Becca and Alex got together to decide what to do about the revamping of Nikki Maller's pages. We decided on a simple layout, that showed all the steps (and their links) on the index page. Then, once one of the steps was clicked, there would be a "previous" and "next" button on the bottom to go to the previous or next step in the sequence. For items such as modeling, that have three sub-steps (Blender, SolidWorks and SketchUp), there would be separate pages for each sub-step, where each page has the "previous" and "next" button to go to the next step, as well as buttons to go see the other sub-steps, if desired.

It was also decided that thumbnails of the images would be used on the steps page, to facilitate navigation of the site (we found that one of faults on the previous website was that there was too much clicking and going back, and then being confused at where we were). In addition, all the information for any particular step should all be on one page, again, to facilitate navigation.

And here is the first preview of the site!


To start the Wiki off, we added David Dempsey's description of the project on the main page, as a brief summary of what The Sundial Project is about. Thumbnails of the "important" images were added to the side, and links to email everyone involved at the bottom. An empty section for weekly reports was created, in anticipation of being filled as the semester progresses.

Although not necessarily part of the Wiki, a webpage with the high-resolution images was also created. The high-resolution images were previously on a CD, and have been uploaded to the web in case anybody may need to use them. The webpage includes the image file name, a thumbnail preview as well as a to-scale preview, the size of the file in mb, the dimensions of the image in px, and a link to download the full-size version.