Week 1 - SolidWorks

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Kaitlin and Ruby's Documentation

For this week we needed to create a Roman "I" in SolidWorks. Never having used SolidWorks before, I walked through a tutorial and learned how to make a 3-D box. I found that after I got the shape into 3-D however I could not seem to draw any more shapes and was limited in what I could do. Box.png

I tried opening a new document in Assembly rather in the Part option which I had been trying. That did not work at all. After some playing around in a new Part file, Ruby and I were able to find that if you drew multiple shapes before closing the sketch feature you could put them together in the general shape you wanted before rendering into 3-D. The first attempt looked like this: 2.png

Ok, now there is the basic shape but it doesn't look entirely correct. Also, not entirely sure if the shape would hold together if we tried to print it. We are not completely sure that the middle section is actually attached to the top and bottom. One nice thing we found when playing with this is, it is very easy to get things the same size. There is a feature called "Smart Dimension" that allows you to choose any side and type in how long you want the side to be. So, we have the basic shape and next we wanted to try and see if we could get curves where the middle meets the top and bottom sections. Ruby found a button called "Sketch Fillet" which created an arc between two different shapes. This was very helpful except we only could get the arc to go in one direction. We created half of the "I" and found a mirror tool that would mirror a selection (in this case the correctly made half of the I) over a line in the drawing. We did this twice and ended up with this shape: 3.png

This was closer to what we wanted but the center was too large. Also, when using the mirror function it had added small points and relationships to the sketch that we did not need (or want). We also found that we could not simply hit delete to get rid of the lines we had used to mirror the image either. It took a while to manually delete most of the relationships and points created. We ended up using the "Trim Entities" tool to get rid of the lines we had used to mirror the image. It finally got rid of them and we saved this image. We decided to render the sketch into 3-D and see if we could alter the shape to get it a little thinner. We found that the image could be altered by clicking a face and click and pulling the extrude arrow in the direction we wanted. We managed to get the middle section thinner by increasing the depth of the arch where the top and bottom meet the middle section and by pushing the side faces closer together. Our final image ended up looking like this: 4.png

Here's a look at what the image looks like when looking through it: 5.png