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Tori's Lab Report: PC Demolition Lab


Steps taken and discoveries:

  • Dell Optiplex GX620 case before being opened:
CSC231VW case.jpg
  • The inside of the case:
CSC231VW insideofcase.jpg
  • The following parts can be seen inside:
    • Majority of the motherboard
    • The cases of the heatsink and fan for the processor
    • The hard drive
    • The DVD drive
    • The case of the tower's fan
    • The RAM cards
    • The crystal for the display system
    • The power supply
  • Motherboard:
    • Mounted on the left (if looking at the machine from the front) side of the tower. The bottom right corner of the motherboard corresponds to the bottom right corner of the left side of the tower's case (the approximate shape is defined by the red square in the picture below. The motherboard is behind the other components within the red square). The lines on the motherboard are data buses.
CSC231VW motherboard.jpg
  • Processor:
    • The processor is an Intel Pentium 4.
CSC231VW processor.jpg
  • RAM
    • The memory cards are located towards the top of motherboard (see labeled photo above, under "Inside of Case"). There are two cards in this machine, manufactured by Samsung, each with 512 MB of storage.
CSC231VW ram.jpg
  • DVD Player/Drive
    • The drive is located at the top and front of the tower (see labeled photo above).
  • Power Supply
    • The power supply of this computer can output 305 watts of power.
    • The various cables provide power and data transfer between components.
CSC231VW power.jpg
  • Hard Disk
    • The hard disk is located in the bottom front corner of the tower under the DVD player (see labeled photo). It consists of 3 disks stacked on top of each other, which equate to 250 GB of data storage.

CSC231VW harddisk1.jpg CSC231VW harddisk2.jpg

  • Crystal
    • The primary crystal in this machine is located near the processor (slightly above and to the right). The crystal ticks at a set frequency (in this case, 3.4 GHz) to set the time the processor takes to execute an instruction.
CSC231VW crystal.jpg

  • Watch Battery
    • There is a small battery on the motherboard of this machine. It is used to maintain the clock in the machine.
CSC231VW battery.jpg