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Notes from 3/3 Thursday session:

Discussed whether or not a complex in the above figure can even exist. We came to the tentative almost-concensus that it can occur. S made a little thingy with blocks where something like that could maybe occur. Photo.JPG

Emily and Lily considered viewing a dual graph for a 3D complex as a 1D thing. Example: Consider 8 cubes stacked together to form a large cube. The dual for these 8 cubes will form another cube. If we pluck the dual out of the complex and adjust our perspective of it, we can view it like a picture frame like the figure on bottom right of this graphic:

However, this may get nasty quickly for complicated complexes, perhaps even simple ones.

Divided interests for the next meeting: Mathematica affiliated work-Emily Coloring algorithm-Micaela Dual graphs-Jess Drawing examples by hand-Vicky and Stefanie

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