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TA Page with Hours

  • If you are a TA for the CS department, please fill out the information on the page for TAs here: Computer Science TA hours.
  • You will need an account and a password given to you by one of the faculty in CS

Know Your Liaisons (14-15)

  • Marina Cheng
  • Gavi Levy Haskell
  • Meriem Ayadi

Know the Roving TAs

  • Adriane Gan
  • Galen Long


  • Naomi Long, '15, has written an excellent guide with tips she believes makes for students to become good TAs. Her guide can be found here. The guide starts with a simple 2-page summary, and then a longer version where each point is expanded.
  • Prof. Judy Franklin created a simple list of important reminders for CSC111 TAs which applies as well to other classes.

Being a TA for CSC111: J Franklin's Recommendations

  • Don't be late - deadline on Friday by 4pm?
  • Make sure it is really submitted and not pending.
  • No overtime. You can only put in the max number of hours you are allotted in jobx.

Help without giving the answers

  • Don't take over the students' keyboards. Let them do all the typing.
  • Ask them questions - try to lead them into thinking about what exactly their program is doing.
  • Have students work on small sections of the program at one time. They should get one part done then move on to the next part.

Email the professor if there is a problem with the homework.

  • Leave when it is time for you to go. They will have their hands up and/or come over to you.
  • But your shift is over when it is over. Go.
  • Don't spend too long with one person or pair. Help them on one question or problem then go to the next person. Don't try to fix their whole program for them when "it doesn't work."
  • They may get very emotional the night it is due.Think of yourself as a professional (you are) and take a step back or even a small break if things get too crazy.


  • Some TAs use a list on the whiteboard for who comes next to get help.
  • That's nice because the students can put their names on the list then go back to work instead of sitting with their hands up.