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The first half of the semester: Waiting for the graphic card to come and setting up the system; exploring the potential topics for our final demo. The second half of the semester: trying different developed demos, and exploring Unity - a game engine; potential candidates for the final demo: a campus model involved with roller coasters; a campus model with bouncing balls; a detailed library model; testing game making by creating some random scenes.

We finally decided to go with the second plan: In our final project, we used a first person character; the player will be able to move 360 degrees as well as jump. imported our original campus model to Unity through sketchup, and added rigid body, mesh collider, and sphere collider; created balls to the scene and added rigid body and sphere collider to them; added three terrains to the scene as well as a plat plane; created a customized tree from scratch; added the trees to the terrains, and then created a wind zone; created a stair from scratch by using 3D game object cube; added a directional light and a first person character controller (come with the unity package); added a skybox to the FPSController.

The player is going to enter the campus model from itt building, and here is the first scene: FirstScene.jpg Walking around the corner, the player is going to find a stair: FindTheStairs.jpg By climbing the stair, the player can see the panoramas of the campus, and here are two screen shoots of the panoramas: Panoramas1.jpg Panoramas2.jpg When the player looks at the tree, it is going to change its direction; furthermore, the player can see the wind effect: Tree.jpg Skybox: Sky.jpg