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Kaylynn C's Lab Report

On 10/7/14, I took apart a PC. The instructions are here. The computer my group took apart was a Dell, model number DHM. The serial number is DPQNY41. The goal of this lab was to understand the parts of a computer, where they are located, and their function. CSC231


  • Our computer, before anything was done to it:

CSC231kfc case.jpg

The Case

  • First, we opened the case. It has a hinge system so it opens like a book. The parts visible are the hard drives, disk drive, hard drive switcher, lots of cables, the back of the fan, and parts of the motherboard.

CSC231kfc caseopen.jpg

The Motherboard

  • The motherboard is to the left of the case when first opened. The lines on the motherboard connect parts of the motherboard to other components on the motherboard. There is also a battery on the motherboard, which allows the computer to keep time even when off. It also includes components such as the RAM, processor, and the crystal.

CSC231kfc motherboard.jpg


  • The crystal on the motherboard allows the computer to keep time and perform instructions. Without it, the computer would not function properly.

CSC231kfc crystal.jpg


  • Here is the processor. It's located on the motherboard. It's an intel processor with a model number FW8201EB, I think. In the computer, the processor runs every instruction. Anything the user asks the computer to do is run through the processor, or CPU.

CSC231kfc processor.jpg


  • The RAM is also located on the motherboard. It is made by Infineon, and there are 512 MB of RAM in this computer. RAM stands for random access memory, and is used as storage space for things currently running in the computer, such as programs currently open. In general, if a computer has more RAM, it will run faster.

CSC231kfc ram.jpg


  • The CD-ROM is located on the right side of the case when it is open, in a slot that leads to the exterior of the case so it can be accessed by users. It is a CD drive, and allows the computer to read CDs.

CSC231kfc cd.jpg

Hard Disks

  • The hard disk(s) are in the slots on the right side of the case. There are two of them, as well as a hard disk switcher allowing the user to choose which one to use. The hard disk holds 80GB of data.

CSC231kfc harddisk1.jpg

CSC231kfc harddisk2.jpg

Disk Drive Switcher

I think this allows the user to switch which hard disk they are using. Since this computer has two hard disks, it would allow the user to choose one.

CSC231kfc switcher.jpg.

Power Supply

  • The power supply is in the upper left hand corner when the case is first opened.

CSC231kfc power.jpg


  • There were a lot of cables like this inside of the computer. They are used for transmitting information from the motherboard to other components. There were also red and black cables, which are power cables.

CSC231kfc cables.jpg


This component connects the USB ports and headphone jack to the rest of the computer. CSC231kfc inputs.jpg

The Cooling System

The cooling system cools down the processor and allows the computer to handle a lot of instructions without getting too hot. CSC231kfc fan.jpg.