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Charles Teese's Lab Report

On 10/21/14 I took apart a pc. For this lab we had to take a part a computer and learn to identify all of the different parts and then precede to try and put it back together.

The computer

The computer was a Dell Dimension 8250. The model number was DHM.

Beryl before.jpg

CSC231MSF Case2.jpg

Inside of computer

CSC231MSF CaseInternal1.jpg

CSC231MSF CaseInternal2.jpg


The motherboard is the main circuit board and connects to everything else.
Beryl mother.jpg

Hard Disk

Device that reads and stores information to a magnetized spinning metal disk.
Beryl hard.jpg

(we had to take this photo from another student because we forgot to take a picture of ours. It is the same hard disk though).


The RAM was 1GB split over two 512MB DDR sticks. One was manufactured by Infineon and the other was by Samsung.
Beryl ram.jpg


One of the crystals on the motherboard to control the frequency of the motherboard. Next to it is a small battery used to keep track of time when the machine is powered down. 
CSC231MSF Crystal.jpg


Dat CPU. Our processor was a Pentium 4 3GHz processor made in 1981.
Beryl pro.jpg

Heat Sink

Helps prevent the cpu from overheating by helping the heat dissipate over a large surface area. 
Beryl cool.jpg

DVD/CD Drive

Optical drive that can read and write CDs and DVDs. 
Beryl where is mitchel that slacker.jpg

Power Supply & Power Cables

The power supply (PSU) and associated power cables. This PSU is 250W. This powers the entire machine.
Beryl posup.jpg

Data Cables

These cables carry data between the mother board a various parts of the computer.
Beryl cab.jpg

Boot Disk Changer

CSC231CVT boot.jpg

Graphics card

CSC231CVT graph.jpg