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Thesis time-line

Preliminary and subject to change!

Date Activity Writing

  • proposal
  • setup Wikipedia server
  • start research on state of the art in visualization
    • visualization tools
    • Molecular dynamics3D
    • 3D-Graph visualizers

  • start research on wikipedia
    • who is using it
    • what questions are people investigating about wikipedia
  • start research on organization of wikipedia
    • Mysql tables: what information is kept
    • php pages: what pages are important
    • Target the information we have to pull out of wikipedia tables

  • Write Chapter 1: introduction and review state of the art. What are some of the important questions addressed by researchers in the field of visualization these days?
  • Define the visual interface of the new tool
  • Select a language (Processing?)
  • Define the queries that will be used to grab the information (see Allie's IS page)
  • Clearly define a layer interfacing the visualization tool to the database so that the tool can be used on other databases
  • Write test programs

  • Write Chapter 2: MediaWiki organization. Describe setup on computer. MySql tables. Php pages. Set of queries.
  • Tie up the loose ends.
  • Start thinking of a second reader
  • Winter Break

  • Start Chapter 3: Programming project specifications. The main modules. What they do. How they interact. Language used for each one.
  • Winter Break

  • Finish and polish Chapters 1, 2, and 3. Give them to 2nd reader.
  • Programming!

  • Document code for publishing
  • Programming!

  • Start writing Chapter 4: a short manual for using the visualization tool
  • Tie up project
  • Deadline April 15: Thesis finished

  • (Updated 3/30/09)
  • Write a chapter describing
    • prefuse
    • mysql database
    • python program to process wikipedia data
  • A chapter or section should address the last state of the visualization
    • the features implemented
    • example of screen shots
  • A chapter or section should address important performance-related issues
    • how many tables, rows, megabytes, gigabytes would 1000 pages of wikipedia take on the server, when processed for visualization? 10,000 pages? 100,000 pages, 1,000,000 pages? 10,000,000 pages? Any influence on the access time to the database?
  • Public Presentation
  • Graduation!