Andreea Bancila Summer 2011

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It looks like you can simply run Matlab with a desired command as argument:

matlab -nojvm -nodesktop -r "mycommand"

Andreea: I think you should make these sections in the overall document, rather than separate wiki pages.


-finished writing the small matlab test program -it now creates a library and compares the query image to the library -looked for ways of making matlab communicate with java -at nick's suggestion, I wrote a program in java that launches matlab and asks it to simply add two numbers


-modified the java program so that now it asks matlab to open a file -looked up ways of creating xml files in java -looked into databases as well -wrote a small program in java that writes an xml file


-thought about when and where matlab and java should exchange information and wrote down the way in which I see it happen

-looked into SQLite

-following the steps on Nick's website made a database called Olympics using the command prompt

-downloaded the program that allows matlab to access the database (.tar file that i will have to open on a mac)


-testing the matlab at MHC

-Nick do you know how I can see if it has the compiler? I tried writing mex and the name of the filename but it is not working: eg mex test.m I also tried: mex test

Try mex -setup to configure the compiler. -- NRH

-working on the java interface (creating the home page, opening the other windows from home page and being able to go back to the home page from any other page)


-Things I worked on and finished this week:

-first Java page- add a manuscript page (user can load an image from whichever folder or location on the computer). The user has to however first enter the manuscript number, the page and the folio before loading the image. As I was working on it today I realized this. Should I add a label on the page telling the user to first input those before loading the image?

-second Java page- mark up manuscript -the user can upload a page from where it is now stored in Java. The user can do that by either entering a manuscript number a page and a folio, or by the clicking next page button (which will take over from whichever manuscript and page were last selected)

-on the second page the user can also zoom in and out of the page.

-I am still working on creating the select box and making the selection show in a new panel on the page. I am getting really close and I hope I will have it done over the weekend.


-The drag and drop mouse application I had found on the internet was too far away from what I needed, so after failing to change it to do what I wanted I decided to write it from scratch, which unfortunately took a very long time. I have however learned a lot! I am now happy however that I have exactly what I wanted. I wrote a class, separate from the interface and when the user clicks the screen and starts dragging a select box starts appearing. The reason why it took me so long is because first I was experimenting with rectangles and drawing them as the mouse was dragged( which I couldn't perfectly achieve). But once I realized that the JLabel is transparent on the inside, I added a border and I changed its bounds each time the mouse is dragged. Right now I am working on adding this to the picture that needs to have letters selected on it.

-The image that I have is an ICON so in order to add MouseListeners to it I will have to put in a JLabel, which means that I have to change most of the classes that I've written so far and that work with the ICON


I have been working more on the code and researching and trying to see if there is a way to add listeners to icons. I couldn't find something that worked with my code as of yet. I started to change things in my code, palcing my icons into labels, but it makes other parts of my code to not work. Tomorrow I will try some more, but Thursday I was thinking about coming to Northampton and asking for your help.


I got the selection tool to work with my program after two days of poking around and adding the mouseListeners to almost everything that I could think of as useful. Right now I am working on making the selection show in another frame.