Digital Signage – CSCtv

There are 10 Digital Signage displays located throughout the Science Center.

  • Bass Hall Foyer
  • Burton Hall Entryway
  • Ford LowerLevel
  • Ford 2nd Floor Stairway
  • Ford 2nd Floor Hallway
  • Ford 3rd Floor Stairway
  • Ford 3rd Floor Hallway
  • Sabin-Reed First Floor (4 displays)
  • Sabin-Reed Fourth Floor
  • McConnell Foyer

Slide Creation

Using PowerPoint

Using Keynote

Using Adobe Illustrator

Using Photoshop

Using Google Slides

Pictures/Photos Tips:

  • Start with the highest resolution images as possible
  • Do NOT increase image size, images will pixelate when they are made larger
  • Captions —> use photoshop, preview or iPhoto to annotate
  • Labeling if needed can also be done in powerpoint and/or keynote
  • If using Photoshop for text, use anti-aliasing


  • Use San Serif fonts as they are easier to read
  • Do not use more than 2 fonts per slide