This page serves to consolidate information and scheduling detail circulated via email to the science community regarding major facilities management projects in and around the Science Center Buildings (Bass, Burton, Ford, McConnell, and Sabin Reed Halls.) Please refer to the Facilities Management project map for more detail regarding work areas, project managers for each project, and the most up-to-date work schedules.

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Neilson Library

Work begins the week of 8/21/17 to install additional site fencing around the south and west sides of Neilson Library and Burton Lawn to create the full construction zone that will be in place until the completion of the Neilson Library and Alumnae Gymnasium Renovation. This map shows the most direct pedestrian route around the site once the full perimeter is set. 

There will be an area create in Dickinson Lot  for service to Lawrence and the former Green Street Classroom Annex, now part of Young Library. Also, note that we will lose a handful of parking spaces in Dickinson Lot, but will have an additional 22 spaces across the street in the expanded Ford Hall lot. 

Additional details and updates on Neilson Renovation and Neilson Enabling Projects can be found here.

You can view the progress of the project live via web cam.

Completed Projects
Sabin Reed/Burton Domestic Hot Water
Facilities Management will supervise a project to replace the 40+ year old domestic hot water heater and tanks, beginning Monday 6/12 with anticipated completion by mid to late August.

The work will take place on the south end of the Sabin Reed subbasement, utilizing the south Sabin Reed elevator. Some hammer drilling into the concrete will take place intermittently as elements are assembled in place. Because of the specific location and nature of the work, we do not expect noise or vibrations to travel through the building.

Peter Gagnon is the Smith Facilities Management Project Manager. T.J. Conway are the primary contractors on the project.

Ford 326A

Facilities Management  a small renovation project to convert the 326A study nook into shared office space. The project will start Tuesday 6/27. The project, other than furniture installation is expected to be complete by July 14. At times, the hallway may be blocked for brief periods in the vicinity of 326A, but access will remain open to 330 and 331 and the elevator for the duration of the project.

Brandy Fagan is the Smith Facilities Management Project Manager. Kieter Builders are the primary contractors on the project.

Bass 002

Work begins in late December to renovate the computer classroom in Bass 002 for Psychology and Statistical & Data Sciences.  Flexible seating and tables will replace the fixed rows of computers.  The project also includes reconfiguration and an upgrade to the projection system.  The renovated space is intended to foster more interactive learning and easier collaboration.

McConnell Courtyard

The pavers were replaced in the McConnell Courtyard mid-July to Mid August 2018.

McConnell Subbasement, B05, 102

The clean up and repair effort in McConnell due to the 6/10/18 water main break was completed as of 9/4/18.

McConnell 203/204

Facilities Management will supervise a project in McConnell 203 and 204 which will combine the spaces into one Physics teaching lab space that is scheduled to be used in the fall semester. The work begins on Friday 6/2/17 with anticipated completion in early August.  Due to the style of windows in McConnell, our contractor, Keiter Builders, will have to vent the work site out into the hall and down the stairwell on the College Lane side, to the roof. (keeping the flexible venting off the actual stairs and not blocking access to stairs/offices.) The venting will be in place for the duration of the project. The venting will be in place during the day, and then Keiter staff will lock up at the end of each work day, dismantling whatever needs to be in order to shut the door to the roof and the fire doors on the second floor landing.

Brandy Fagan is the Smith Facilities Management Project Manager. Kieter Builders are the primary contractors on the project.

Upper College Lane Steam Tunnel Replacement and Repaving May 23-mid August-COMPLETE

At some point, a new water line and connection will have to be made across College Lane (up College Lane, just beyond the end of Sabin Reed). There are reasons why it would make sense to integrate this work into the paving project (otherwise, they will have to dig up the newly paved road!), but timing is tight for adding work to a paving project that must be completed by August 19. Therefore, it is possible that there will be a brief period of work in early fall to connect the new water line to the boat house; it will involve some digging and compacting, but no welding.

Diana Randall was the Smith Facilities Management Project Manager and and Scapes Builders were the contractors for this project.

Burton Basement May 16 – to late October 2016-COMPLETE

A Registrar’s classroom (B017) and adjacent lab space (B016) have been combined to create a replacement Engineering Studio.

Current schedule:

  • The new engineering studio is substantially complete. Finishing work continues into October.
  • The Sediments lab and rock storage room are complete.

Project Notes:
At least two sections and up to four sections of EGR 100 are expected to be taught each semester in the new studio space.

Gary Hartwell was the Smith Facilities Management Project Manager and T.J. Conway and Scapes Builders were the contractors.

Sabin Reed-Burton Oval Elevator Repair-COMPLETE

The doors to this elevator were replaced in August to fix the long standing problems with this elevator.

Door rollers were replaced Tuesday October 11.

McConnell Subbasement CLEAN OUT COMPLETE

In order to clean out old, unusable furniture and other materials from the subbasement of McConnell Hall, there will two recycling containers placed outside of McConnell Hall in the far end of Tyler House parking lot. The containers will reduce parking spaces in the lot, but will not interfere with deliveries to Tyler House or access into the lot.

The containers will arrive Monday morning, 10/10 and will be removed on Tuesday 10/11.

Sitterly Movers will be using the McConnell elevator to move these materials out, so expect delays if using the elevators on Monday 10/10 and Tuesday 10/11. This work is being done to create storage space for map cases that will be relocated out of Young Library this winter.

Charlie Conant is the project manager for Facilities Management.

Excavation Behind Bass Hall

Current Schedule
The work between Hubbard and Washburn and between Lawrence and Young Science Library will be during the week of November 28th. Also that week, contractors will excavate a modest area near the intersection of Neilson Drive and Seelye Drive to repair electrical conduits. Vehicle traffic on the drives will be maintained, though some pedestrian detours will be required. Work inside the buildings will be limited to the basement storage and mechanical spaces.

Project Notes:

Charlie Conant is the Smith Facilities Management Project Manager on the project.


College Lane Main Entrance Improvements-Second Phase-Fall 2016

Current Schedule:
The second phase of the Main Entrance improvements (including other utility work and construction of the new signage walls) will proceed during the Fall semester within the confines of privacy fencing flanking College Lane to minimize disruption at the main entry. Temporary signage will be installed to assist with wayfinding.

Project Notes:
Diana Randall is the Smith Facilities Management Project Manager.

Burton 406 Early July – December

This project will transform a storage space without natural light under the roof eaves of Burton into large light classroom space suitable for use as a design studio by Landscape Studies.

Current Schedule:

  • July 18-July 22: Heavy noise and vibration as the heavy steel work begins and continued selective demo of the roof, ending at approximately 1:30 pm each day; welding occurring periodically on Wednesday the 20th,  Thursday the 21st  and Friday the 22nd
  • July 25-July 31 (approx.). Heaviest renovation work continues, with periodic use of crane from College Lane. By July 31 the new space (including the new roof section) will be fully roughed in.
  • August 13-December (approx.). Interior finishing work conducted and final inspections.

Project Notes:

Morgan Wilson is the Smith Facilities Management Project Manager on the project and the contractors are Keiter Builders.


McConnell B05

Facilities Management will supervise the conversion of McConnell B05 from a fixed seating classroom, to a flexible classroom.

Current Schedule:
Work is anticipated to continue through 11/23/16.

The noisiest work to install the floor is expected to be completed by 10/28/16. Work will be limited to before classes start at 9:00 am, and other windows of time where classes are not in session.

The project is expected to be complete by the beginning of December.
Charlie Conant is the project manager for Facilities Management, Craig Sweitzer and Co. are the contractors.


47 Belmont

47 Belmont will be renovated Fall 2016 as a Neilson Library enabling project. A construction fence will go up around the site on Monday, 9/12. The Dance Department will be relocated from the Green St Annex in December.

No road closures are planned as of now, so we anticipate no interruption of deliveries to the Ford Hall stockroom.
Gary Hartwell is the project manager for Facilities Management.